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Non-Euclidean Minesweeper

Game Overview

Non-Euclidean Minesweeper is a non-Euclidean geometric guess-free minesweeper game, which uses the original game engine developed for hyperbolic geometry and the original puzzle solver optimized for minesweeper games. You can play this classic puzzle game on a curved hyperbolic plane and solve problems using pure logic alone.


The game goal is to figure out the locations of all mines hidden in the minefield. Drag the minefield to scroll it and tap cells to open them. If you open all cells that have no mine, you are the winner. Hitting a mine by mistake, you lose the game.

Flag a cell you suspect to contain a mine with a long-press, then the flagged cell is set to be unopenable. If a digit is revealed, it indicates the number of mines hidden in the adjacent cells. When you long-press a digit, the surrounding cells will open if you have correctly flagged.


Tapping "S" button takes you to the game settings screen.

You can select the shape of cells that cover the minefield. It can be square, regular pentagon, regular hexagon and regular heptagon. There are six game difficulty levels in the case of each shape.

If you want to compete with your friends, select "Comp" mode instead of the single player mode. You can all get the same problem by inputting the same number from the keypad window.


Get the user preference window popping up by tapping "P" button.

The action executed with a tap and that executed with a long-press are exchangeable. Use your most comfortable way of operation.

You can disable the function of opening plural cells at once if you don't need it.

Install as a PWA

Add the icon to your mobile device's home screen for offline gameplay. If your OS is Android, Tap Menu > “Add to Home screen”. In the case of iOS, Tap Action > “Add to Home Screen”.

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